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Items Products ans service Download Brochure Commercial Engineer Contactor(1) Contactor(2)
A Manintenace Service Contract Download 1.Skill labor Service.pdf
B Parts & Machinery Download2.Machine shop service.pdf
Download3.Grinding Service.pdf
Download4.Mobile boring M/C site service.pdf
C Revamping & Overhaul Download5.Hydraulic equipment repair.pdf
Download6.Pump repair.pdf
Download7.Motor service workshop.pdf
Download8.Thermal image service.pdf
Download9.Field balance.pdf
D Engineering & Project management Download10.Steel structure and fabrication work.pdf
Download11.Steel fabrication service.pdf
Download12.Vibration stress relief service.pdf
Download13.Oil & gas piping fabrication and erection work.pdf
Download14.ASME U,S,R PP Stamp.pdf
E Engineering & Desing of Environmental Technology Download15.Engineering & Desing of Environmental Technology.pdf
F Advance Engineering Service Download16.Portable machine service.pdf
Download17.Roll repairing.pdf
Download18.Manufacturing & repairing with thermal spray.pdf
Download19.Non destructive test service.pdf
Download20.Faro Arm Quantum.pdf
Download21.Faro laser tracker ION.pdf
Download22.Manufacturing & repairing with hard chrome plating.pdf
Download23.Repairing with brush electro plating.pdf
Download24.Laboratory & calibration center.pdf
Download25.Engraving machine.pdf
G Trading Download26.Masroll.pdf
H Company Profile Download28.Company Profile.pdf -