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 “Quality & Service” 
West Coast Engineering Co., Ltd. provides engineering service for cylindrical grinding dia.500 mm length 3000 mm. surface grinding  width 400 mm length 2000 mm., and rotary grinding  dia.650mm. We have been offering our high quality services more than 12 years, so you can count on us. 
        West Coast Engineering Co., Ltd. Promptly provides you our grinding service with various types of the machine such as rotary grinding machine, surface grinding machine, cylindrical grinding machine etc.
         We mostly grind side trimmer knife, scrap chopper knife, crop shear knife, flying shear knife etc. (on surface grinding machine and rotary grinding machine)
         Cylindrical grinding machine can grind rollers and shafts at 500 mm. as maximum diameter and at 500 kg. as maximum load.
Grinding Service can help you
Reduce cost and time
High performance in grinding because can grind various parts. (Cylinder, flat etc.) 

Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Rotary Grinding Machine

Surface Grinding Machine