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 > Vibration stress relief service

Engineering infomation
  The propose for using vibration stress relieving
“FORMULA 62” is to significantly reduce peak
residual stress in a weldment or mechanical work
piece, so that dimension stability is maintained
during the manufacturing process. The vibration
stress relieving “FORMULA 62” is an in-process
method of stress relieving and may be used several
times during the manufacturing process to keep the
residual stress pattern low.
9/1 Moo 4, Ban Klangna - Yaiploy Rd., T.Maerumphueng, Bangsaphan,
Prachuapkhirikhan 77140 Thailand Tel. [66] 0-3254-8450
Fax. [66] 0-3254-8453 Website: E-mail:
Temperature 5 C – 40 C with maximum
relative humidity 80 %
Technical Specification
Model : Formular 62, Model C & CSP
Rated voltage : 115 V or 220-230 V AC
Rated Current : 7 A
Rated Frequency : 50-60 Hz
Rated power : 750 W
Environment use : Indoor use,
- Residual stress in the work piece
- Reducing distortion of parts compared to thermal stress relief
- Reducing crack
- Inexpensive cost
- Spending time less than thermal stress relief

Application Infomation
1. Steel Fabrication weldment
2. Machined work piece


Vibration stress relives for roller

Vibration stress relives for roller