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 > Oil&gas piping fabrication and erection work

Oil & gas piping fabrication and erection works
 WCE has been providing fabrication and installation service of process piping systems such as in convey steam condensate, waste treatment, especially in oil and gas piping system.
 We design and fabricate tanks or vessel tanks of oil and gases system in accordance with ASME Section VIII Division 2 Vessel tanks, including erection work  for oil, gas, and pipeline automation industry.
 We believe in providing services which encompass the latest  available technologies while looking at an energy market’s needs as well as market dynamics. This involves gathering a full understanding of supply availability with an analysis of competitive fuels, economics, capital costs, and competing technologies.
Our mission:
 To assist our clients to define, estimate, organize, install and operate safe pipeline and facilities in the oil and gas industry in nationally.
 We help companies to develop and implement expansion strategies using planning methodology, develop project execution strategies, tender major equipment and both install and user facilities.

APM3 Piping Installation Package 3

Closed Hood Project

project feb. ท่อลมร้อน ทุ่งสง

project SSI bottom surface

project water reduction PM# 4,5,7,8

White water tank project

Fabrication and Erection งานติดตั้งเครื่องจักร, ประกอบท่อ, ติดตั้งถัง, ติดตั้ง Platform Support