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Advance Engineering Service

 > NDT&CMM Mobile Service

Effective processes, tool and methodologies
 NDT Service is one of our professional services. We offer the non Destructive Test for personnel certified by Welding Institute of Thailand (WIT) according to ISO9712 and EN 473

Benefits of NDT (MT, PT and UT)
1. Nondestructive testing which spends less time than destructive testing
2. Facile to work on site
3. Inexpensive cost comparing to destructivetesting
   FaroArm® Quantum 
   FaroArm® Laser Tracker ION™
Common Applications
Alignment: Real-time feedback of object positioning ▪ Installation: Lay out / level machine
foundation ▪ Part Inspection: Digital record of actual vs nominal data ▪ Tool
Building: Set up and inspect tools with only one person ▪ Reverse Engineering: Acquire
high accuracy digital scan data

Repair Inlet Valve EGAT

Canadoil pipe

pranakorn tai