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Advance Engineering Service

 > E-SOS (Engineering Solution On site)

 E-SOS helps you saving:
No transportation cost.
Low downtime cost during shut down period.
No dismounting, assembling of the component to repair.
No need to resort to other machine tools or working operations control.
No structural or performance modifications.
Reduces labors costs and reduces repair time by up to 85%
Our Engineering Solution On Site Service
1. Machining Mobile
2. Surface Engineering
3. CMM Mobile
4. Failure Analysis
5. Calibration & Metallurgy Laboratory
6. R&D of Material Engineering
7. Power Equipment
8. NDT Service

Machine Service (EGAT)

CMM2 Service (EGAT)

CMM Service (EGAT)

Assembly2 Service (EGAT)

Assembly Service (EGAT)